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Fall is here

We are so excited fall is here, we are ready for s'mores and...

Favorite Children’s Books

Books are positive memories from my childhood   I was very lucky and grew up in a home with 2 parents who loved to read to me 📚 I remember spending time with my mom snuggled in the window box seat in my room looking at and reading...

Ice Cream Social

It is still over 100 degrees daily here and I am ready for it to be over! We have to find ways to enjoy this lingering heat! Our church last week had an ice cream social and homemade ice cream contest! We always enter and never win Our last years'...

Awkward Answers for School Teachers

We are surrounded by great schools in our community and they are continuing to expand and growing in our favor! I grew up mostly going to a private school, with little time spent in a public school Tom grew up going to both private and public...

Why An Adoption Profile is More Than a Book Design

You’ve decided to grow your family through adoption After careful consideration you pick an adoption attorney or an adoption agency to help you along your adoption journey First, they tell you to get a home study and then they tell you it’s time...

4th Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary at Anthony's Chophouse in downtown Carmel, IN Last year we had dinner at Savor, a restaurant in the same area and decided Anthony's was next on our list of places to celebrate Everything was amazing We...

Spending Time Together

Hi again! We just wanted to share a bit about why it is important to us to spend time together as a family Our world and society can be hectic and it never stops! It's really easy to take work home with you, especially as remote work has become so...

Labor Day Vacation!

Since the COVID pandemic took over our world in 2020, like so many others across the country, we haven't been able to see a lot of our family We spent the summer of 2020 in Georgia with Mario's mom, and this year, Cristina's mom came up to visit us...

Justin’s Birthday

Today was Justin's birthday! Every year, Stacey will decorate a birthday cake for him This year's cake was "The Office", since we have been listening to the Office Ladies podcast together We are huge fans of both the TV show and this new...

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