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Still Waiting, Still Hoping

Though we just joined ParentFindercom in December 2020, our journey to adoption started a long time ago, when we decided to pursue adoption in November 2016 and then became officially eligible to adopt in June 2018 But even earlier than that: we...

Creating a Home Library

It is such a blessing to have a child who loves to read When it comes to books, our son cannot get enough It is a blessing but also a challenge We live three blocks from a public library - that has been closed for almost a year in these trying times...

Four Seasons of Fun!

One of the wonderful things about Central New York is that we have four distinct and wonderful seasons, each with their own fun and activities Right now winter is on the wane We are beginning to hear snipetts of spring bird song outside, and we're...

Winter hike

Nice weather for a winter...

They’re Back

Alec LOVES Shamrock Shakes It is so funny! Even before we were dating, I remember him getting these all the time He said that he has even bought two at a time and put one in the freezer for later! I mean, during the holidays he's obsessed with...

Winter Wonderland

For the past few days, it has been Wintry weather in the Netherlands It is cold and a lot of snow has fallen Time to go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather This is the first time that our dog Sam can enjoy the snow He loves it With friends...

Family News

It’s taken a while for us to post this here, but on October 29, our world was shattered when Liz’s father was lost due to COVID-19 We were so looking forward to sharing the news that he would be a grandpa to our child, and he was so...

Keeping The Glass Half Full

February 23, 2021 Not that anyone needs to read another post anywhere about what a year it's been, how we can't wait to get back to normal, things stink, etc So I'm not going to say any of that stuff 😉 What I am going to say is times like...

Portugese Custard Tart

In April 2018, we traveled to Lisbon, a city neither of us had been to before We had an amazing time, staying with close friends in Alfama, the oldest neighborhood in the city We enjoyed trekking all over the city, sampling the delicious cuisine of...

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