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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. With 1 million parents hoping to adopt and 20,000 adoptions annually, the days of only needing a profile book design, are over. Successful outreach programs also incorporate a video profile, and a personal website.

Yes. Parents who plan to self-match, use Parentfinder. If you are on that path, join the Featured Membership and add a Google Ad campaign once we’ve edited your video. Without an agency partner to run a Google Ad campaign that reaches women who are pregnant and considering adoption, you should be doing it and we can help.

The Basic Membership is for parents who understand the successful formulas used when designing websites for digital marketing success and books designed for viewing on a phone.
You’re in for a long wait if you pick the Basic Membership as a way of saving money. But, the good news, you can upgrade from Basic to Featured at any time. All you pay is the difference between the 2 prices.

If 4 profiles are shown to an expecting mom and 1 is a video profile, she picks the video 100% of the time. That’s very compelling. Let’s have a conversation about the video. It’s not as daunting as it sounds.

Adoption Consulting and Featured Memberships do not carry annual renewals. If you want a redesign, more books, another video edited by our team, or you want to run a Google Ad campaign, those are extra.

Your profile goes live once you approve your book design. For most couples, that’s 3-1/2 to 4 weeks. If you already have a book design, you need to provide an approved home study, and upload photos, letters and your book. That shouldn’t take more than a day or 2.

The average wait time for Featured Members is 11 months from the day you go live.

Yes. You can see Impressions, views and clicks for each part of your profile: Photos, letters, book, blog, video website and parent information. Parents who activate a Google Ad campaign see analytics for that too.

We discuss the campaign with you. Then you select a budget, campaign duration, and payment method. We set up and manage your campaign.

If you are with an agency/attorney, we set up your account with their contact information in your profile. If you are pursuing a self-match, we can populate your profile with your adoption specific contact information or that of your attorney. Because of the laws governing adoption, Parentfinder can’t take those calls.

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