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Communication & response time was excellent!


The quality produced in the short amount of time was amazing. As accountants, we had no chance of making a pretty book in a short time frame. The book is beautiful. From the design, picture formatting, wording, it's more than we could have ever done on our own--- and start to finish was only a matter of weeks!


The communication was great!


Easiest part was sending all of our information to you all and making our decisions.


Overall it went well. There was a Slight Miscommunication. Hopefully in the future the editor will understand the following We bold and underlined the section to identify which area needed changing. Next revision we removed the bold. Person didn’t catch or see the change although there was a post it over it. Person didn’t make the change. It took an additional revision of us stating that we removed the bold. This took an extra round of review. That time delay lead to completion of profile on the following week. Overall we understand this can happen. Part of the process. Please have the reviewer ask for clarification and to look closely for changes This can avoid delays Overall she was responsive and timely in her response. Thank you


The website is very user friendly, and we thought the feedback process for finalizing our book was seamless very easy to go back and forth with the team.


1. having clear, written instructions and videos that explained each part of the process in detail 2. the availability of the Parentfinder staffthey were always quick to answer communications and offer advice and suggestions


The whole process went very smoothly and each person we spoke with was so helpful and kind. We were struggling with the flow of our story and they jumped right in and helped! It was a positive experience.


Updates from hopeful Adoptive Families

Hopeful adoptive families come to Parentfinder every day to update their profile, check their messages and to blog about their adoption journey. Check out some of their most recent updates!

Collecting Art From Our Friends

In our flipbook we included a photo of Adam hanging a beautiful weaving that a close friend made for us as a wedding gift. We have a number of wonderfully talented artistic friends and we love collecting pieces of their work to decorate our home. Since

Heartaches and Healing

I think when a child loses a parent it creates a whole in their heart. But when a parent loses a child it is a very different type of lose. This past Saturday both happened. My grandmother who is a sunny 96 and my sister and I suffered the loss of my

What’s Really Important

Exhausting. That is the only word to describe the last 12 days.  As we continue to support my mother and try to understand the health issues of my father we are reminded of how important time is. For us the journey to a family has been so long.

Making S’mores

Today was a beautiful day for a bonfire. Which of course meant we had to eat some s'mores! - to complete the bonfire experience. Once Lily woke up from her nap, she demolished the rest of the graham crackers!    

Rainy Day Weekend

We had a rainy weekend☔ - Rain drops always bring smiles and rainbows !! 🌈 I found Steve and Maisie in the kitchen having some silly fun. Steve was dancing with Maisie and singing one of his favorite songs by David Bowie.."Let's Dance..Put on your

Weekends in the Water

One thing that we love about Baltimore is that we get to enjoy so many great things about city life while still having access to water. We recently spent the day kayaking with our neighbors at a state park right outside the city. It was so peaceful

Happy Easter!!

Big Easter adventure with Luke's family today! Luke has 6 brothers and sisters so it's always a super fun-filled, loud, and lots of Little's running wild! Hope everyone has an amazing Easter weekend 💕

Big brother

Zane is the best big brother! Makes our hearts want to explode💕💕


We had the best time in Disney with Luke's family! He has seven brothers and sisters, some half, some step, and some adoptees.. there's so many of them we forgot which is which 🤣



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