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An adoption profile is the only voice that hopeful adoptive parents have to speak with an expectant mother. So why not make it the best voice possible? Our adoption profiles are rich in content, unique in design and optimized for mobile viewing.

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The communication was great!


Communication & response time was excellent!


Easiest part was sending all of our information to you all and making our decisions.


The quality produced in the short amount of time was amazing. As accountants, we had no chance of making a pretty book in a short time frame. The book is beautiful. From the design, picture formatting, wording, it's more than we could have ever done on our own--- and start to finish was only a matter of weeks!


Overall it went well. There was a Slight Miscommunication. Hopefully in the future the editor will understand the following We bold and underlined the section to identify which area needed changing. Next revision we removed the bold. Person didn’t catch or see the change although there was a post it over it. Person didn’t make the change. It took an additional revision of us stating that we removed the bold. This took an extra round of review. That time delay lead to completion of profile on the following week. Overall we understand this can happen. Part of the process. Please have the reviewer ask for clarification and to look closely for changes This can avoid delays Overall she was responsive and timely in her response. Thank you


The website is very user friendly, and we thought the feedback process for finalizing our book was seamless very easy to go back and forth with the team.


1. having clear, written instructions and videos that explained each part of the process in detail 2. the availability of the Parentfinder staffthey were always quick to answer communications and offer advice and suggestions


The whole process went very smoothly and each person we spoke with was so helpful and kind. We were struggling with the flow of our story and they jumped right in and helped! It was a positive experience.


Updates from hopeful Adoptive Families

Hopeful adoptive families come to Parentfinder every day to update their profile, check their messages and to blog about their adoption journey. Check out some of their most recent updates!

African Safari

We are a family that loves to travel! We are strong believers in giving our children fun experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. We recently went to Hawaii where the girls learned to surf. I think most of the trip we talked about how fun it

Early Valentines Treat

One never needs a reason to show each other love but we wanted to do something nice anyway with a wine filled art class! 🙂

The Ball Is Finally Rolling!

Hey there! It's been a minute since I blogged so I wanted to give a quick and exciting update! The 10 acres we purchased two years ago and have been working on every since to build a good driveway and make our own little private oasis is finally coming

Snow-less winter <3

Enjoying each others company playing Nintendo and hanging out in NYC without any of the white stuff! Hoping to connect soon with an expecting mom/family as we approach the three-year waiting mark <3  We were passed over just last week and it's

New Beginnings

So it has been way too long since I posted, but so much has happened. I worked myself out of not one but two jobs. Took some time off to spend with my grandmother who had a terrible health scare and is doing great at 98. Started a new job and continue to

Summer 2022!

2022 has been filled with exciting changes for the two of us. Ryan accepted a new job with a global tech company and Brandon accepted a new job in the biotech industry focusing on cancer treatment. Our new jobs allow us both the flexibility to work from

Snowy Chill Day

01/29/2023 We had another big snow fall over here. It was a great excuse to just hold up inside and relax with a good book and a nice, hot cup of coffee. Time for some reading and cuddling with the furry friends!    

Dad Weekend

01/28/2023   Trevor's dad came to spend a weekend with us. We got to play card games (aka lots of Rummy). We also got to meet up with Trevor's brother and sister-in-law downtown for dinner since they were in Grand Rapids for a conference! We went to

Keeping Warm

Our pup Ginger doesn't like the cold.  At all.  She's always snuggling up to us or under blankets this time of year.  So we decided to try buying her pajamas.  To our surprise, she loves them!  



There is no greater gift in life than the gift of love. Meet some of Parentfinder’s newest forever families.

Ben / Sharla Nov, 2022

Will / Danielle Jan, 2023

Damon / Jill Feb, 2023

Joseph / Cristina Nov, 2022

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