Pregnant and

Considering Adoption?

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Who? Pregnant and Considering Adoption: Here at Parentfinder, we have made it easy for you to privately access the profiles of approved parents and agency/attorneys

For your protection, and the protection of the adoptive parents, all communication is run through their agency/attorney unless their profile states, “independent.”

Is an agency or affiliated with an agency?

No, is a safe, secure, and neutral website. Some families are registered with an agency or attorney. Some families are working independently. That information is posted on each profile under agency info.

Do I have to buy a Membership? is completely free for pregnant women. There is no fee, and we will never ask you for any form of payment. If you are interested in joining for fee, simply click on the join button and follow the instructions to complete your membership.

Will my personal information remain private and confidential?

Yes, if searching as a guest, your information will always be protected and confidential. However, if you find a family you like, and want their agency to contact you, you should give your first name and add your contact information. That way they know how to contact you.

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