Pregnant and Considering Adoption? We’re Here To Help.

Our staff would be happy to support you in making the best decision for you and your baby. We can help you explore and understand the many different aspects of adoption and connect you with a vetted, ethical adoption attorney/agency in your area. By speaking with us, you are under no obligation to choose adoption and our consultation is at no cost to you.

Choosing The Right Adoptive Family

Here at Parentfinder, we have made it easy for you to access the profiles of hundreds of adoptive parents and agency/attorneys. For your protection, and the protection of the adoptive parents, all communication is run through their agency/attorney unless their profile states, “independent.”

Is Parentfinder.com an agency or affiliated with an agency?

No, Parentfinder.com is a safe, secure, and neutral website. Some families are registered with an agency or attorney. Some families are working independently. That information is posted on each profile under agency info.

DO I have to buy a Membership?

Parentfinder.com is completely free for expectant parents. There is no fee, and you will never be asked for any form of payment by the website. If you are interested in joining, simply click on the join button and follow the instructions to complete your membership.

Will my personal information remain private and confidential?

If searching as a guest, your information will always be protected and confidential. For example, you can contact a family via the “click to call” service as a guest, and remain anonymous. However, if you register as a member and contact a family directly, they will be able to view whatever information you post to your profile page.

With your free account, you will have access to:

  • Forums
  • Adoption Resources
  • Searching and LIKE families
  • Searching and LIKE agencies

Adoptive Parent Blogs

If you’d like to read more about adoption, or would like to hear more about other birth mothers experiences, check out some of our blog posts below.

Beach or shore <3

It's that time of year for road trips down the shore on the weekends <3 guess u can tell Tom and I have some Philly roots going on. Glad to be vaccinated and on the go while we wait for the car seat to not be as empty <3

Baking Desserts for Our Weekly Sunday Dinner at Nana and Poppy’s House

Every Sunday, we drive 40min into town to join Nate's family for dinner at his parents' lake house.   Nate made peanutbutter cookies! And Jess baked two of her famous French Canadian sugar pies!    This past Sunday was a special occasion.

Out of town

We're visiting New Orleans this week. Steph has a medical conference so we decided to make it a family trip ! There were some snafus along the way like a lost suitcase, but we're having a great time. Our dog Porsche especially loves the food! We hope to

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