Why Adoption Professionals Use Us

Who: Adoption Professionals: On average, parents in our Family Marketing Program match in 11 months. Inquires are delivered to your inbox.

On average, parents in our Family Marketing Program match in 11 months. Inquires are delivered to your inbox. Add a new profile to your website in under 1 minute or text your parent’s profiles to an expecting woman with your phone and track those contacts using our mobile app. Increase targeted traffic to your website using your parent’s profiles. Your agency’s philosophy is used in every profile. Let us show you the new Parentfinder. Schedule a demo today!

Family Marketing

Family Marketing

Our program reduces your parent’s wait time and increases your agency’s visibility online. Contacts are delivered to your inbox. Your agency’s philosophy is used in every profile we design. Your contact information is on every profile. All profiles display on your website without any cost to your agency. Your time investment per profile is 30 seconds or less leaving you time for managing people and conversations. Profile display includes: Electronic book, video, personal website, photos, letters, blog, and your contact information.

Increase Your Visibility

Increase Your Visibility

Organic Ranking is the term used to describe the position on a web page where your website displays, when someone types in search terms like, adoption agencies near me, and you aren’t running an ad. The adoption profiles that we create and display, help with your website’s organic ranking. If you are running an ad campaign, they help to lover your cost per click.

Google Ads for Your Parents

Google Ads for Your Parents​

We can run and manage Google Ads for your parents who have completed the Family Marketing Program and opt in to this additional option. All adds conform to legal and ethical standards. You receive the inquiries. This program increases your contacts without reducing agency cashflow.

Adoption Profile Display

Adoption Profile Display

We call it the waiting families badge. Your parents only display with your preferences in mind. You control when parents are visible with 1 click. You control who within your agency, receives the contacts. Matched/Placed banners and when profiles no longer display, are handled with 1 click too. This technology costs your agency nothing when you participate in our Family Marketing Program.

Profile Management

Our app is available for free through Google Play or the App Store. Once you download it to your phone and log in, you can activate profiles to display on your website. You can also mark a profile as matched or placed. You can also text profiles to an expecting woman using this app. You can follow up with her via text and you can see who’s profiles you’ve sent. When using the app, names, conversations and numbers are private and secure.

Google Ads for your Agency

Google Ads for your Agency​

If you are interested in beginning a Google Ad campaign for your agency/law firm or you’re not impressed with the results of your current campaign. Let’s talk! Pinpoint Marketing, our digital marketing division, has been successfully running Google Ads for agencies and attorneys for a decade. It’s our deep understanding of adoption and technology that separates us from other online marketing companies. Let’s talk about your goals and expectations. The meeting is free. Schedule a demo today!

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