The Family Dashboard page in Parentfinder is the central location for your profile creation process. You can upload photos, letters, blogs, and videos to your online profile from this one, private location. Need to message your Parentfinder team? You can do that in your dashboard and read their responses too. Viewing your tasks and timelines can be done at a glance. There is even a place that helps you understand the number of views your profile has received. Once you login all of these tools and resources are at your fingertips.


One central location for all of your adoption profile creation tools, communication and analytics

Tasks and timelines are easy to see and review

Help videos are easy to access and view

Featured Parents match and place faster. 65% match within 6 months and 95% match within 9 months


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Adoptive Parent Blogs

Learn more about Parentfinder’s approved adoptive families and explore their stories through their blog posts below.

Creating a Home Library

It is such a blessing to have a child who loves to read. When it comes to books, our son cannot get enough. It is a blessing but also a challenge. We live three blocks from a public library - that has been closed for almost a year in these trying times.


Four Seasons of Fun!

One of the wonderful things about Central New York is that we have four distinct and wonderful seasons, each with their own fun and activities. Right now winter is on the wane. We are beginning to hear snipetts of spring bird song outside, and we're


Winter hike

Nice weather for a winter hike!

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