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Parentfinder’s Preferred Membership Program was created for parents pursuing domestic infant adoption, who have yet decided on an adoption agency or law firm. Our team of experienced adoption professionals has coached these parents through the process and helped create their dynamic Parentfinder profiles. They are all home-study approved and ready to be paired with an adoption organization for their final step in this journey.

Preferred Member Program

Home-Study Approved

All of our preferred members have been home-study approved in their state of residence and are just waiting for the right adoption organization to help match them with an expectant parent.

Profile Ready

Our team of experienced adoption professionals has guided all of our preferred members through the adoption profile creation process using Parentfinder’s Family Marketing Program. These profiles are dynamic, including printed and digital books, an adoption website as well as video profiles and blog posts.

Educated on Adoption

Every preferred member has been thoroughly coached and educated on the adoption process. They understand the ins and outs and are ready to begin work with your law firm or agency.

Waiting for the Right Agency

There are many adoption consultants out there who are willing to just take adoptive parents’ money and run with it. Parentfinder works with only the most ethical and most highly regarded adoption organizations in the United States. Our preferred families trust our integrity and look to us to help find the best organization to complete their adoption story.

Adoptive Parent Blogs

Learn more about Parentfinder’s approved adoptive families and explore their stories through their blog posts below.

My friends Tonya and Mike

Some of my very best friends are still the kids I went to middle and high school with. I became friends with Tonya our senior year of high school and we become even closer friends the older we get. This is a photo of me with Tonya and her


Summer Vacation!

As children, we both took vacations during the summer and some of our fondest childhood memories were made on vacation. I have a very fond memory of visiting Washington D.C. when I was 9. It left a HUGE impression on me! My favorite memory while we were



First off, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. We were having some major technical difficulties getting logged in after Parent Finder update their website. Luckily, they finally got our profile fixed and we just got back in today. Anyway, a few