Are you pursuing adoption, but have yet to decide on an adoption agency or law firm? Well then, Preferred Membership is just for you!

Parentfinder’s Preferred Membership Program was created for parents pursuing adoption, who have yet decided on an agency or law firm. Our team of experienced adoption professionals will coach you through the process and help you create their dynamic Parentfinder profiles. They will also assist you in becoming home-study approved and match you with a vetted, ethical adoption organization near you. We will never force you to work with an adoption organization, but will simply provide you with several quality options that meet your desires and beliefs.

FAMILY TOOLS provides it’s member families and organizations with the best technology available to build and market adoption profiles. Your Preferred Membership provides you with professional guidance with each tool throughout your adoption journey. Click on any of the icons below to learn more.

Photo Management

Upload unlimited photos for each of your profile sections with ease and caption on them for a richer story. Upload directly into your letters too!

Video Management

Parentfinder’s new video app changes the way you create an adoption profile video. Through the app, you can shoot and upload media, connect with our professional editing team and store your media in our cloud.


Everyone has a story to tell, and with Parentfinder there is no limit to what you can share. Adoption “letters” eventually become the chapters of your adoption profile book, and they’re also published on the Parentfinder website as part of your digital profile. Add photos to each letter to help illustrate your story.


Your adoption profile book is exported as an ePub file, making it easy for your adoption agency or attorney to show birth moms on a tablet or iPad.

Print Profile PDF

Featured members will be provided with 10 professionally printed copies of the book. We can ship your adoption profile books to your adoption agency or attorney. We can split the order and ship some to you too. If needed, we can provide you with a print optimized PDF, so you can download the book yourself.

Flip PDF

Featured members receive a flipbook adoption profile too. Your book opens as a separate link that can be sent electronically to birth moms and adoption professionals around the country.

Multi Agency Connect

Many parents are on lists with multiple agencies. Parentfinder’s technology allows your profile to be shown with multiple agencies with no added cost.


When a birth mom likes your adoption profile they can message your adoption agency or attorney directly on Parentfinder, your agency’s website, your website and your flipbook.

Online Templates

Select the theme of your adoption profile book from our library of templates found on the dashboard page of your adoption profile. Customize it with different fonts and colors too!

File Storage and Sharing

The documents section in your profile dashboard page contains all of the information you need to know about your featured membership. We will also store your adoption profile files there for easy access if you’d like to share them.


The blogging tool in Parentfinder provides you with a great way to continue to tell your story once your book and video are done. Write a couple of sentences, add a photo and you’ve just told a birth mom about your life and how you’d like to share it with a child. This tool is included with your membership.

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