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Outside in Springtime!

After a long year/winter inside, we've been so happy to finally have some outdoor fun with friends and family! Strawberry picking, hiking, feeding the giraffes and other animals at Keystone Safari animal adventure park, playgrounds, a family beach...

Great Grandma’s Sauce!

We are very fortunate in that some of my (Zachary) grandparents are still alive, and that we get to see them My mom's family were all farmers and through them I have inherited a love of gardening, food production, and food eating! There is great...

Ups and Downs

The past few months have been a whirlwind It's been full of some ups and some really hard downs Earlier this year we found out we were pregnant with another baby We have remained active in our adoption pursuit and looked forward to knowing we would...

Game Night with Friends from High School days

Stacey got to spend the evening on Zoom with her group of friends from high school! We are all scattered across the country, so it is nice to catch up via Zoom every month or so Last night, we played Scattergories online! Stacey came in 3rd on every...

Social Media Connections

We were honored to be featured on ParentFinder's social media pages this month! We decided to share their post on our own Facebook pages, and the results were amazing! So many family and friends had kind words and shared our information on their own...

Summer Road Trip

Summer is the start of several fun activities such as going to the beach , natural springs , theme parks and of course Road...

Summer Has Arrived

Of all of our traditions and all of the summer choices, time at our favorite beach tops them all Last weekend Olivia and Matt stopped by Matt's work to play a couple games of pool On Saturday we went to the beach and stopped by our favorite ice...

Wedding Season.

Summer time means wedding season Shooting 3 weddings 3 weekends in a row is a little chaotic and exhausting This guy has spent each one of those weekends at these wedding with me as my second shooter and keeping me on track and its just nice having...

Hello Summer.

It's finally summer time! Its been a busy week for this boy He has been looking forward to swim lessons and playing soccer for months He finally got to start both of those this week He was adamant about wearing his uniform to practice "or else...

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