March 29, 2021

How Much Does Adoption Cost? Can I Adopt on a Budget?

How much does adoption cost?

Many parents who consider adoption as a way of growing their family come from varied economic backgrounds. Some start down the path of domestic infant adoption with a budget that is much lower than the average cost of domestic adoption – which is $37,000.

Some hopeful adoptive parents may be drawn to a small agency that fits within their budget, or begin the process on their own through independent adoption. And sometimes, pursuing the lowest price can end up costing them more over time.

If digital marketing like Google Ads and SEO are not a part of the agency’s budget, it falls to the hopeful adoptive parents to overcome the lack of visibility. That often results in extended wait periods or frustration – especially when a hopeful adoptive family doesn’t feel like they are getting guidance or the help they want from their agency. And this can result in hopeful adoptive parents grasping at straws—they might end up contacting multiple agencies, and sometimes seek multiple profile creation services because their profile isn’t being shared online with a service like Parentfinder.

Can I adopt on a budget?

Adoption is expensive, plain and simple. But there are ways to be cost effective.

  • Take your time and do your research. Think about your time frame and your budget. Consider what you want from an agency. Find out if they work with a profile creation service so you don’t pay for a profile only to find out it can’t be used.
  • Learn about the different types of adoption entities. Adoption agencies, adoption attorneys, and adoption consultants all offer different services. Remember—even if you pursue independent adoption, you will need to hire an attorney.
  • Seek an adoption profile book service that works with ethical agencies. Parentfinder is the preferred profile networking site for dozens of ethical, vetted agencies across the U.S. They use our service because they can trust what they’re getting and believe we are the best option for a holistic adoption profile, complete with a book, a PDF, an adoption video, and a custom adoption website. It makes sense to work with us, because the best agencies work with us, too.

What if I the cost of domestic adoption is above my budget?

  • If your budget dictates that you stay with a small, budget-friendly agency, your best bet is to partner with a networking site like Parentfinder. Of all the adoption family profile sites available, we are the most cost-effective and the most widely used by adoption agencies.
  • Create social media accounts, follow adoption-related accounts, and post weekly. Be consistent. Link each post back to your online profile. Put contact information in each post. Use hashtags. Be available. Don’t compromise your identity. Make the images and content count.
  • Pursue independent adoption with Parentfinder. We will help connect you with a home study provider, create a dynamic adoption profile, find an agency in need of hopeful adoptive parents, and if you want, we can even help you set up an advertising campaign.

If you’re wondering how to market your online adoption profile through Parentfinder, message us or give us a call today. Or, schedule a free consultation if that’s more your style!

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