November 11, 2022

How To Write a Unique Adoption Profile- Writing About Yourself or Your Spouse

You’ve chosen infant adoption as your pathway to growing your family. Your adoption attorney asks you to create an adoption profile. She needs it by the time your home study is completed. You have home study paperwork to complete and a career. It’s time to drink from a firehose, right? There are so many questions swirling in your mind. Let’s manage this by breaking it down into bite sized pieces. If we do that, writing your story is easier to manage. First, Let’s pick the topic you know very well, you or your spouse. As you gather your thoughts, let’s make sure they focus on your actual story and not superficial conversations.

When writing your adoption profile, avoid the fluffy statements that take up space without adding insight into the person. You have limited space. So, let’s make it count.

Here’s an example from a section where the spouse was talking about her wife.

Grace credits her work ethic to her dad. When she was in the fifth grade Graces father made a deal with her. He would reimburse her for college tuition when she graduated, if she earned the money and paid for college herself. Grace was actually the one who initiated the conversation because she’s ambitious and likes to plan ahead. That summer she started mowing lawns in the neighborhood. When she turned 16, she bought a Honda Accord and a small trailer. That way she could pull her mower to clients who lived outside of the neighborhood.

 She graduated from Notre Dame with a business degree. Her dad stuck to his word and paid her back. She invested that money. After we were married, she used part of that money to buy our home. She used the rest to start a nursery that sells flowers, trees, landscape designs and of course, lawn mowing services. Today, she mows our yard and her dad’s. Grace said she uses her time behind the mower for creative ideas and thoughts of gratitude.

There were only 208 words in this part of Grace’s section. That’s great! You want to keep each section to 250 words. Give her enough information to know you without burying her in a wall of words.  Because of the way this story was told, the reader was led into her life, through visuals and depth of story. This is a great example of how to write a unique adoption profile.

When an expectant mom is reading your profile and she’s able to put herself in your life, you take a big step toward matching.

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