Profile Creation Tips

Adopting as a Single Parent: Your Interests, Hobbies, and Traditions

Adopting as a single parent introduces the opportunity to create a highly customized, engaging adoption profile You are a unique individual with your own likes, dislikes, and fun little quirks There are things that your family and friends... Read more

How to Avoid Adoption Scams

You get a message on Instagram A person who somehow found your profile wants you to adopt her baby You begin talking to her every day, but she can't FaceTime because her phone is broken She wants you meet you, but first, she needs to pay for rent or... Read more

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Adoption Website

It might be tempting, but if you want the most traction and organic traffic, you should not DIY your adoption website You might be crafty, savvy, and technologically sound - but please - remember that when it comes to creating an adoption website,... Read more

What Should I Put in My Adoption Profile?

In the last ten years, we’ve helped to create thousands of families through adoption We’ve helped hopeful adoptive parents write and network their adoption profile and have improved the technology behind adoption profiles Along the way, we’ve... Read more

Adoption Language and the Words We Use

Adoption Language in Adoption Profile Books Whether you’re hoping to adopt or simply existing in this world, you should know the power of words The words we use, when speaking about adoption and birth parents, can carry a positive or negative... Read more

Adoption Videos Matter

If you’re creating an adoption profile, there’s one important detail you should know: adoption videos matter  Every tool in your Parentfinder dashboard is designed to help tell your story Adoption videos are a key component of that story A... Read more

Writing The Home Chapter of Your Adoption Profile

When writing the home chapter of your adoption profile, your goal is to offer a glimpse into how you exist - at home, in your neighborhood, and in your community These clues will help an expectant woman considering adoption decide if your family... Read more

Parentfinder’s Spring Checklist – Online Adoption Profile Tips

Spring has officially sprung and there is no better time to create or update an online adoption profile! Here are a few things to consider while building your adoption profile this season  ... Read more

How to Choose Pictures for Your Adoption Profile

Here we go! It's time to make your adoption profile Wondering how to choose pictures for your adoption profile and wondering if pictures are actually important The answer is "YES!" - photos are one of the most important elements of your adoption... Read more
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