Why should I give up

Baby for Adoption?

Adoption Is A Beautiful And Loving Option

Women who are considering making an adoption plan will often say that they “want to give up baby for adoption.”

Women facing an unplanned pregnancy have several pregnancy options to consider, adoption being one of them. Adoption is a beautiful and loving option, one that gives the mother the ability to choose the right adoptive family and to even stay in touch with her baby as they grow up if she wishes.

Why should I give up baby for Adoption?

Women who are considering making an adoption plan will often say that they “want to give up baby for adoption.” While we understand what they mean, it’s important to note that adoption counselors and professionals prefer to say “place baby up for adoption.” The reason being is because when a woman chooses adoption, they’re not “giving up,” they’re actually choosing to give their baby a life full of love and opportunity.

Five common reasons to give up Baby for Adoption


She can’t provide (or afford to provide) her baby with a loving, stable environment in which to grow up.

Many expectant mothers who choose adoption do so because they feel they cannot provide the child with the ideal environment in which to grow up. This may be because she doesn’t have a good support system around her, she is disconnected from the birth father, or because she may not have the financial stability or support to care for the child properly.


She is too young and/or has other plans for her life.

Countless expectant mothers have chosen to make an adoption plan simply because they feel that they are too young to become a mother and/or have other plans for their life. These other plans may include attending college, starting a career, or moving away from family. Unplanned pregnancies are never easy, but adoption provides young expectant mothers with a loving, courageous pregnancy option.


She would like her unplanned pregnancy to result in something positive.

Choosing adoption is a loving, selfless choice. Not only does it allow the birth mother to move forward with her life knowing that her child is loved and cared for in a safe and stable home, but it gives adoptive families the greatest gift they could ever receive: the gift of a child.


She loves her baby so much that she wants them to have every opportunity in life possible.

Women who choose adoption for their baby often say that the reason they did so was that they knew that wouldn’t be able to provide the child with as much opportunity as an adoptive couple. Even before their baby was born, they knew how important it was for them to have access to quality education, a stable home, and the ability to explore their interests and desires. After looking at various online adoption profiles, many women are able to find the perfect family to provide their baby with these needs and opportunities.


She would prefer that some people in her life not know that she’s pregnant.

Sadly, many women feel a sense of shame when faced with an unplanned pregnancy, and they may not want some people in their life to know about their pregnancy. Many women in this situation come to adoption when researching abortion alternatives. Adoption is a loving, selfless decision that benefits not only the mother and the child but also the adoptive family, who wants nothing more than to share their hearts and home with a child.

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