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to Adopt my Baby

Choosing adoption is a loving decision

Regardless of where you’re at in your pregnancy, it’s important for you to know that you’re not alone.

Choosing adoption for your baby is a selfless and loving decision that thousands of expectant women make each year. While the decisions you face right now may feel daunting, remember that there are thousands of families looking to adopt who would be more than happy to join you on this journey. They would support you, assist you and stay in contact with you throughout the child’s life, if you wish.


Get in contact with an ethical, licensed adoption agency or attorney.

In order to place the baby for adoption, you’ll need to work with an adoption professional from a licensed agency or adoption attorney. This person will work with you and guide you step-by-step through the adoption process. They will advocate for you and ensure that you are taken care of throughout and after your pregnancy. If you need help finding an adoption professional, Parentfinder can assist you. Follow this link for more information.


Work with your caseworker to create an adoption plan.

Once you’ve chosen an adoption professional, you and your caseworker will begin to craft an adoption plan. This plan may include how you’d like your pregnancy to play out, what kind of hospital stay and delivery you’d like to have and how much interaction you’d like to have with the adoptive family. Depending on your location, your caseworker may also assist you in obtaining the resources you require to have a healthy pregnancy. This could include financial assistance for pregnancy-related costs, counseling, and assistance with housing or other expenses such as phone bills, clothing, or transportation.


Determine Your Preferences for an Adoptive Family.

After you’ve created your adoption plan, your caseworker will begin to work with you to find the right adoptive family for your baby. This process usually starts with you creating a list of preferences about the adoptive family. Common preferences include religion, location, annual income, and how many children are currently in the home, among other things. You may also let your caseworker know if you are okay with a same-sex adoption (LGBTQ adoption), transracial adoption (interracial adoption).


Choose the Adoptive Family.

Once you’ve given your caseworker enough information, they’ll go through their list of waiting adoptive families and provide you with as many options as possible. Your caseworker will give you a stack of adoption parent profiles to review and allow you to choose the family that feels right to you. You may also have the option to review online adoption profiles on a website like Parentfinder.


Meeting the Adoptive Family / Post-Adoption.

If you would like to meet the adoptive family that you’ve selected, that can be arranged by your caseworker. If meeting them in person is too much, you could also elect to trade emails, text messages or to talk over the phone or on Skype. Over the course of your pregnancy, you may develop a relationship with the hopeful adoptive parents. If you’d like, you may choose to allow them to be with you on delivery day, whether that be in the hospital or in the delivery room. You may also choose to have an ongoing relationship with them after placement. All adoption situations are different, so the level of contact you’d like to have with the adoptive family and your baby going forward is completely up to you and can change at any time.

If you haven’t decided to speak with an adoption professional yet but would like to browse families looking to adopt, there are thousands of adoption parent profiles on Parentfinder. All of these hopeful adoptive parents are working with ethical, licensed adoption agencies, and some of them have worked personally with our team of family adoption consultants.

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