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How To Write a Unique Adoption Profile- Writing About Yourself or Your Spouse

You’ve chosen infant adoption as your pathway to growing your family Your adoption attorney asks you to create an adoption profile She needs it by the time your home study is completed You have home study paperwork to complete and a career... Read more

How to Talk About Infertility in Your Adoption Profile

How to Talk About Infertility in Your Adoption Profile There are many questions you'll have when you choose adoption, and one of those may be how to talk about infertility in your adoption profile Infertility is incredibly hard to deal with Many... Read more

Talking to Your Child About Their Birth Family

Talking to Your Child About Their Birth Family Many adoptive parents wonder how - and when - they should talk to their child about their birth family It might sound simplejust do it! But, adoption is a unique situation in which everyone's needs and... Read more

Parentfinder Adoption Profiles: What Do I Get?

Parentfinder Adoption Profiles There are many adoption profile services to choose from, but Parentfinder has been around since the beginning It all started when the creator of Parentfinder was adopting - a much different process in the early 2000's... Read more

What is an Adoption Video?

What is an Adoption Video Your adoption profile video is just what you might think it is: it's a video of you, included in your adoption profile, that can provide a glimpse into your life in real time Your video profile is another bridge in your... Read more

Why Your Adoption Blog is So Important

Why You Should Post to Your Adoption Blog There are many ways that Parentfinder sets you up for success One of those tools is the blogging function in your Parentfinder Dashboard Through your adoption blog, you can post updates on day-to-day... Read more

Adopting as a Single Parent: Your Interests, Hobbies, and Traditions

Adopting as a Single Parent: Help With Your Profile Adopting as a single parent introduces the opportunity to create a highly customized, engaging adoption profile You are a unique individual with your own likes, dislikes, and fun little quirks... Read more

Single Parent Adoption: Talking About Your Family

Single Parent Adoption: Talking About Your Family Single parent adoption is becoming more and more common - which is awesome! Because of this, we have an entire guide dedicated specifically to single parents hoping to adopt This... Read more

“My Story” – Writing About Yourself as a Single Parent

Writing about yourself can feel weird, especially in your adoption profile And if you're a single hoping to adopt, you might feel especially intimidated You may have heard that it's hard to adopt as a single parent, or feel like you... Read more
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