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Types of Adoption: The Complete Guide

Types of Adoption: The Complete Guide If you're just getting started on your adoption journey, you may be wondering what terms like "open adoption," or "domestic adoption" mean There seem to be so MANY types of adoption! If you're looking for a... Read more

Independent Adoption: The THREE Needs

If you're looking to have more agency in your adoption journey, independent adoption can be the way to go But, independent adoption doesn't mean you can do it all by yourself No matter what, you will need an adoption profile, a home study, and legal... Read more

How to Talk to a Birth Mom: Do and Do Not Ask

How to Talk to a Birth Mom Building a friendship first hand with a birth mom (expectant mom) can be vital to the type of relationship you will have moving forward Knowing what to ask, in those early stages of placement, can create a firm foundation... Read more

How to Avoid Adoption Scams

You get a message on Instagram A person who somehow found your profile wants you to adopt her baby You begin talking to her every day, but she can't FaceTime because her phone is broken She wants you meet you, but first, she needs to pay for rent or... Read more

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Adoption Website

Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Adoption Website It might be tempting, but if you want the most traction and organic traffic, you should not DIY your adoption website You might be crafty, savvy, and technologically sound - but please - remember that... Read more

What Should I Put in My Adoption Profile?

In the last ten years, we’ve helped to create thousands of families through adoption We’ve helped hopeful adoptive parents write and network their adoption profile and have improved the technology behind adoption profiles Along the way, we’ve... Read more

Sensitive Topics in Your Adoption Profile

How to Talk About Sensitive Topics in Your Adoption Profile We all have things we don’t feel comfortable sharing, but sometimes, those things are part of your story Knowing how to talk about sensitive topics in your adoption profile is a valuable... Read more

Adoption Cost: Invest in Your Adoption Profile

If you are on the journey of becoming an adoptive family, you are so excited to welcome a little one into your home You're imagining the future - wondering what their favorite toy will be, how their laugh will sound, and what little things they will... Read more

Adoption Profile Services: Technology Wins

In 2020 alone, over 1,000 parents hoping to adopt sought our adoption profile services We are proud to create forward-thinking adoption profile books, adoption websites, and adoption videos  Adoption Profile Services: Technology for... Read more
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