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Adoption Case Management Software: My Adoption Portal

You Have a Busy Workload, and Our Case Management Software is the Solution In today's world, all businesses should be paperless Every industry uses technology and software to make things more efficient and secure An adoption organization is no... Read more

Adoption Ads: Marketing Your Adoption Profile

Many hopeful adoptive families really want to market their profile But, doing it alone can do more harm than good Every state has different laws, so you should seek out professional help if you're interested in adoption ads Here's a quick run down... Read more

Adoption Language and the Words We Use

Adoption Language in Adoption Profile Books Whether you’re hoping to adopt or simply existing in this world, you should know the power of words The words we use, when speaking about adoption and birth parents, can carry a positive or negative... Read more

Post-Adoption Communication: You Don’t Have to Worry

Post-Adoption Communication: What is it How does it work As open and semi-open adoption arrangements have become more common, post-adoption communication and contact agreements have become necessary Childconnect is here to meet the need and go... Read more

A Trusted Partner for Adoption Agencies

Our network of programs have made a positive impact on dozens of adoption agencies and law firms around the country We work exclusively in adoption and foster care, and truly understand your mission Whether you’re trying to reach expectant... Read more

Roe v. Wade, Adoption and Unplanned Pregnancies

Roe v Wade, Adoption and Unplanned Pregnancies The overturning of Roe v Wade will have an impact on women facing an unplanned pregnancy In many states, women now have one less option available to them How this decision will affect adoption rates... Read more

Adoption Videos Matter

If you’re creating an adoption profile, there’s one important detail you should know: adoption videos matter  Every tool in your Parentfinder dashboard is designed to help tell your story Adoption videos are a key component of that story A... Read more

Childconnect: Post-Adoption Communication Software

Childconnect: Post-Adoption Communication Software There is nothing more important to us here at CAIRS Solutions than helping adoption and foster care agencies build families and strengthen relationships We strive to provide the most... Read more

You Also Need a Digital Adoption Profile

You need a digital adoption profile Your adoption profile is one of the most important parts of your adoption journey It’s oftentimes your only chance to make an impression and form a true connection with an expectant parent considering an... Read more
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