Hi, we are Thad and Eileen and we want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family! 

Our story began back in 2002 when we both were working our way through college. We were working at the local Wal-Mart and soon found that you can find almost anything there, even love. We would make up reasons to go by the other’s department just to say a quick hello and quickly became friends. 

Eileen’s apartment was three blocks from the beach so we would often meet up after work and grab a bite to eat or just ride to the beach and get to know each other more. In the fall of 2003, we started dating and have been inseparable ever since. It was obvious to us both early on that we would spend the rest of our lives together. 

After three years of dating, we were married in 2006. We welcomed our first child, Alaya, in 2010 and two years later our son, Kaysen. Caiden was born in 2015 and in 2020, our daughter, Elianna. We’ve both always desired a large family and a house filled with many children. 

Over the years, we have felt the call to adopt and knew that it would be in the Lord's timing as to when that would be. All of us are so excited to add to our family and can’t wait to see where God leads us.

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Financial Support

Expectant mothers who choose to make an adoption plan may qualify for some level of financial assistance during their pregnancy. However, each person's situation and specific needs are different. Your adoption social worker can help you determine what level of assistance you qualify for and deserve. Many expectant mothers qualify for financial assistance to cover basic pregnancy and living expenses, including but not limited to - transportation reimbursement, utility assistance for phone, water, and electricity/gas, maternity clothing and supplements, etc.


Food & Groceries


Medical Expenses


Rent & Utilities


Household Items





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FAQ’s about placing a baby for Adoption

I'm considering giving my baby up for adoption. How much does that cost?

It won't cost you anything. If you choose to place your baby for adoption, all of your medical and legal fees will be covered and you may be eligible for financial assistance with other pregnancy-related expenses.

I'm experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and don't know who the birth father is. Can I still place my baby for adoption?

Yes. Even if you don’t know the identity of the birth father, you can still choose to make an adoption plan. However, every adoption situation is different. The adoption social worker you’re assigned to will get to know you and your story first, and then guide you through the process accordingly.

When is the right time to talk with an adoption professional?

You can make an adoption plan at any point in your pregnancy, even after the baby has been born. But, it's important to start the process as early in your pregnancy as possible. Connecting with those resources will allow you to gain access to important medical services, including prenatal care, to help ensure a healthy pregnancy.

When I create an adoption plan, will I get to choose who is in the room with me during delivery?

One aspect of your adoption plan is the "Hospital Plan" an outline of how you'd like your hospital stay and delivery to go. You can craft this on your own or with the help of your adoption social worker. But everything is up to you. You’ll be able to choose who comes to the hospital with you, who is in the room with you during delivery, and how much time you’d like to spend with the baby before signing the final papers.

How much contact will I have with the adoptive family after I place my baby with them?

As part of your adoption plan, you'll determine whether or not you’d like to have an open or closed adoption or something in between. Open adoptions may include phone calls, messaging (via social media, email, or text), and/or periodic visits each year. Closed adoptions may include no contact at all or annual updates provided to the birth parent(s) by the adoptive family. Each post-adoption relationship is different and can vary based on what an expectant mother chooses in her adoption plan.

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Our Blogs

Celebrating our Sweet 16


Friday we celebrated our 16th anniversary! We spent the day hanging out at a local National park, biking and taking in the sights. Then we cooked dinner together and reflected on our last 16 years. What an amazing 16 years we've had. 1 move to a new town, 4 kids, a couple of dogs, lots of trips and new experiences and we can't wait to see what's in store next.  Here's a couple pics from over the years.                Fun at Epcot                                      Windy day at the beach                              Celebrating a cousins wedding               The top of the fort we explored on our anniversary                          Fun at home

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Evening bike rides


It's been so HOT lately. We've been having temps in the triple digits so going outside for anything other than a dip in the pool or a trip to the beach has been out of the question. We finally got a break in the heat wave and were so excited to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. One of the things we enjoy doing together is bike riding. We love taking a ride in the evening right before sunset and exploring the neighborhood. We get to see a lot of our neighbors who are also out and about enjoying the evening, get some fresh air and just enjoy the sunset.       

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Thad's Birthday Celebration


Last week was not only Fathers day but Thad's birthday as well. I'd been secretly planning for awhile and it was finally time! We surprised him with a quick getaway to Palm Coast! On Saturday when he woke up we told him get dressed we're taking you out for a surprise. When he got in the car it was fully packed and we headed out. He was so surprised and couldn't wait to find out where we were headed. His only request for our vacation plans is that one is dediated to somewhere we've never been, so this was the perfect opportunity to surprise him and try a new place. We had such a blast relaxing and exploring. We checked out a couple of state parks, exploring trails and gardens, walked around town taking in all the scenery and even found a neat donut shop one morning. We spent a lot of time just hanging out on the beach and building sand castles. Our favorite was just walking the beach at sunset and finding sea glass and shells. What a wonderful few days to rest, relax and celebrate such an awesome guy!         Building Sandcastles finding shells...

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Donut Day


Today is National Donut Day! If there ever was a holiday to celebrate, this would be it! Who doesn't love a good donut and cup of coffee? We thought the best way to celebrate was by making our own homemade donuts. We decided to bake instead of fry them and found a recipe for cake style donuts. Alaya measured and mixed and made us some vanilla donuts with sprinkles.  These were DELICIOUS and will definitely be something we make again...maybe with chocolate next time.      

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We found a new park!!


We really enjoy being outside and finding new places to explore. Lately we've really been searching for a good place that we could run but we couldn't find any parks that had dedicated paved tracks or trails for running/walking. Eileen recently downloaded an app to help a beginner learn to run and Thad has been wanting to be more active but we needed to find somewhere to actually be able to run. Well this week we found it!! We were so excited to stumble upon a little park with a dedicated walking/jogging path. It also had gardens and a disc golf course. We've played disc golf with friends who live in Ohio last year when we visited them, so it was fun to find a place we could practice locally. We are so excited to find this little gem of a park and hopefully we can come to enjoy running. It's tougher than it looks in this Florida heat.   

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Star Wars day


Yesterday two of our favorite things combined into one fun day...Star Wars and fun holidays! We love to celebrate any holiday that comes along. We even have the every days a holiday calendar! We are also a Star Wars loving family. It's Thad's favorite movie franchise and we have all really enjoyed the new shows that have been released on Disney+. Who doesn't love baby yoda right?? Yesterday we all dressed up in our Star Wars themed shirts and costumes and enjoyed yoda waffles. We'll take any reason to celebrate around here and when it involves our favorite movies we're all in. May the 4th be with you!    

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Field trip fun


It's been awhile since we planned a good field trip so Friday that's just what we did. Luckily we live where there is plenty to explore and learn from so we hopped on over to the beach and explored a fort. So much fun! There are so many tunnels and layers to explore and lots to learn. Everyone had a blast seeing what was next and reading all of the signs. The boys especially loved seeing the huge cannons and learning all about them. When we reached the top we were gifted with an amazing view of our beautiful beaches. There's so much history in our area and I'm so glad we got to get out and learn a little more and, we had so much fun doing it.     

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We love spring! It's our favorite season. The flowers blooming, the cooler days with the windows open, whats not to love right? In the last few weeks we've enjoyed updating our flower beds with new plants and having picnics out in the yard. We've been taking breaks in school work to head to the beaches and check out the local parks and wildlife.  One of the perks of homeschooling is being able to get hands on learning and lately we've had the perfect weather for exploring. In Florida we only get a few weeks of this beautiful weather and we want to soak up every second of outdoor time we can.              

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Disney Vacay


We recently returned from one of our favorite places to visit, Disney World! We absolutely love visiting each park and seeing all of our favorite shows and rides. We are annual passholders but we only get passes every other year and since our passes expire this month we took the time to enjoy every second of the parks we could. It rained every day we were there, some days so bad it flooded but we played in puddles and enjoyed the showers. It was flower and garden festival time at Epcot and that is one of our favorite festivals. We really enjoy seeing all of the flowers and topiarys set up througout the park and Thad loves to sample the different food booths. We were so happy to meet characters again as that had paused the last time we were there so meeting Mickey and some of the princesses was a highlight for everyone. Caiden tried 2 rides he'd never ridden before and was so happy that he did, he loved them! This trip we stayed at the cabins in Ft Wilderness, which was a first for us, and what a cool experience. This resort is where they keep the...

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February photo challenge fun


Back in December Thad bought me a new camera for my birthday. I've been researching and learning all about settings and how to take different shots. The kids have been having fun coming up with different photo shoot ideas but for February I decided to take part in a challenge. I checked out pinterest and found a list of different pics to take each day. Alaya even decided to get in on the challenge and is using our old camera to learn and take part. Homeschool photography class for the win! Some have been challenging to come up with what to take or how to set it up and I'm by no means an expert but it's been fun thinking outside of the box or taking pictures of things I'd never take otherwise (looking at you food pics haha) We're halfway through February so here's a quick look at our month. These are black and white, food or drink, looking up and my love challenge days  

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Quick January Vacay


These Floridians found snow!! The kids have been begging to go see snow and since it really doesn't do that in Florida we took a quick trip to Tennessee. While it didn't snow while we were there, they did have lots of snow left over from the previous weeks snowstorm. We hiked a few trails, made snowmen, had a snowball fight, explored the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and made a ton of new memories. We can't wait to go back and explore more of the great outdoors.        

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Discovering Dinos


Today we set out to find one of the more unique roadside attractions in our area. There is a replica of Stonehenge and 4 dinosaurs hiding in the woods about 30 minutes from us so we went in search of dinos and stones... in fiberglass form. We had a blast! We have one dino loving boy so he was especially excited to find the T-Rex. There was also a short but fun trail behind the stonehenge replica we explored that led down to a lake. Not only did we get to find a fun new attraction, it made us detour and enjoy this little town that we've passed by many times on our way to other desitnations, but never took the time to appreciate. This was such a fun little find in our area and we would love to find more roadside attractions to explore.          Yikes a T-Rex! 🦖                                                                      The Brontosaurus                       ...

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